Our trip to Raahe

We Ásgeir Sigurðsson and Konráð Kárason Þormar went to Raahe in Finland on 9th of April 2018. When we landed, we were given a ride and welcomed to our room. The next day we started studying in Lybecker. We started learning game design and were very excited. We designed and programmed our own game and got to work very independently. The study program in Finland is very similar to that in Iceland. We were always in the same profession for a whole day. The teachers introduced the projects, and the students then began to think and work independently. After the first week, we got an internship at a big steel company called Miilukangas. There we met students who had been working in recent days in both graphic design and filmmaking. The internship was for 2 weeks and during that time we made two promotional videos for the company. It was difficult, yet fun and enhanced our communication, as there were not many people in the company who spoke English. In Lybecker we came across a lot of people. We met some boys who showed us the school and became very good friends. We sometimes met on the weekends and played video games and went to dinner during the day and still in Iceland we talk to them. We really wanted to see the new Avengers movie, but it was in the cinemas that were an hour away. We talked to our friends and they said it would be no problem and that they would give us a ride and come with us. We went to Oulu which is an hour from Raahe and we got to eat there and went to the movies. It was very nice to go to town and get to know the culture there in a bigger town than Raahe. Our last week in Raahe there was an event called a pop-up shop in Lybecker where people from Estonia, Spain and Italy came and set up a sales pitch with products that they have worked for a few weeks. We participated in this process and made a video for Lybecker which showed the mood and how the sales pitch took place. It was a very fun task and we got to know many people from different countries. At the end of the week we all met and played. We boys all went to the sauna and then afterwards we ran and jumped into the sea. These last days in Raahe were very fun and varied. We are happy with the experience and having had the opportunity to go out and meet these people. This experience was very meaningful and we learned a lot about living alone. We feel like this trip has enhanced our independence and has helped us to work more in diverse and creative work. We thank Erasmus + and Borgarholtsskóli for this trip and hope to work with them again in the future.