On 21 October to 18. In November, I was a in Valencia on behalf of Borgarholtskóla. I had the opportunity to get to visit Collegio Juan Comenius, where lovely Paula welcomed us and showed us their beautiful school. Valencia will be a home forever.

Valencia is a very beautiful city, and I enjoyed all the time I was there. The school was incredibly welcome and entertaining. I learned a lot of all this lovely people. We were a part of a project that was about creating fake weddings and also doing a video, our group chose to make a comedy video. The first week out there was very difficult and tears did fall admitted that. Week two and three, we’ve got to know kids, and we started to fall into routine. The last week, you didn’t want to go, but still you wanted to go home. Valencia was the kind of my home, too. I guess it was tough to go, but one thing is certain that is I will be going back then just visiting. I went to Valencia with the thought of talking to the kids and we had many friends, when the plane went into the air, they fell more tears. Thanks, Valencia, for a awesome trip.

Helga G. Elvarsdóttir

Elísa Sól Sigurðardóttir –

Students in the Art Department