Teaching Creativity in Schools

Sociology teacher Magnús Einarsson travels to Slovenia.


I had the opportunity to attend the course TEACHING CREATIVITY IN SCHOOLS, inspired by the theories and methods of Dr. Edward de Bono. He is a brain training and lateral thinking pioneer. This was a In-service training in Lubljana Slovenia that took place 4.11-10.11.2018. The venue was City hotel in Ljubljana. The course is primary intended to teachers and school leaders in different levels of youth and adult education field, who would like to devote their attention to the method of direct teaching of thinking as a basic tool broadening perception and increasing creativity (following dr. Edward de Bono’s methodology). The main task of the programme was to study and to encourage lateral thinking, parallel thinking, constructive and creative thinking to problem solving. First, there was an introduction to thinking. Second the principles of parallel and perceptual thinking were studied through PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting), AGO (Aims, Goals, Objectives), CAF (Consider All Factors), OPV (Other People’s View)and APC (Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices). Third, the principles of lateral thinking were introduced through Random input, How To Remove Faults, and FIP (First Important Priorities). And finally, participants looked into the C&S (consequences & sequell) of creative thinking. The course was designed as an interactive process with emphasis on establishing a mentor relationship between participants and trainer. It included discussions, interactive games, working in groups and pairs, presentations, case studies, thinking techniques and individual activities.

The focus was on experiential learning and workshop approach. The participants received a workbook and did group presentations and shared their experience. Everything was first class in the course. Very well organised. We had lunch and dinner together and we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Maribor. There we visited a technical school and observed students in a classroom doing creative thinking. This was very valuable for future reference. Then we had the day of in Maribor. One afternoon we went to the beautiful area of Bled in the northwest of Slovenia and this trip to Bled is one of the highlights of the whole journey to Slovenia. The knowledge gained from the course will be utilized in my teaching at Borgarholtsskóli. To encourage my students to think in a constructive way and to be creative in their assignments and studies. No doubt, the method of discussion, interactive games, working in groups and pairs, presentations, case studies, thinking techniques and individual activities, will activate students to focus on the purpose of a given task in term of the aims, goals and objectives that are part of the project under study. The main aim is to get students to be able to control their creativity with lateral thinking and lateral thinking techniques. Compliments to Brina Menart (International Course Coordinator), Nastja Mulej (Trainer) and Monika Spital (Assistant) who were all excellent in their roles.

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