About Borgarholtsskóli

Borgarholtsskóli (www.bhs.is) is a comprehensive secondary school, in the outskirts of Reykjavík. It´s located in the Grafarvogur suburb, which has a population of about 18.000.

Borgarholtsskóli offers a broad variety of courses; three main academic programs, art programs, four vocational programs, two preparatory courses for secondary school entrance, special education programs, social services and commerce.

In the vocational field we specialize in the metal and car trades, offering evening courses in the former ones. With the exception of the preparatory and the special education programs, all courses are organized on a unit-credit basis. Some of the preparatory courses also give credits with the exception of courses in the core subjects which are Icelandic, Mathematics, English and Danish.

Additionally, we have distant learning courses in multimedia. In the art department students have access to very good computer facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Approximately 1300 students attend various study fields in Borgarholtsskóli and 120 staff.

The number of students has gradually risen through the years and is still rising. Students are of all ages but most of them are 16 to 19 years old. They are very active and enthusiastic about creating an active social atmosphere in the school, for example with various clubs, dances, a song contest and participation in a quiz-competition between all secondary schools in the country in which they have done very well.

Besides Icelandic we have courses in Danish, English, German and French. English is the most common as a second spoken language.

Courses of study

Academic course
Preparatory programs for university entrance
Social science
Natural science

Business and economics

3 year programme

Automotive Industrial Arts

Automobile body – repair
Auto mechanics
Automobile painting and finishing

2 – 2,5 year programme

Diversified programme
1 year programme
Foundation programme

Preparatory for secondary school entrance

1 year programme

Industrial Metal Works

Turning and milling
Steel metal
Steel working

Mechanical repair

2.5 – 3 year programme

Arts programme

Graphic design
Film and television
Performing arts

3-year programme

Social Services Programme

Social assistant
Social and leisure
Assistants in schools and preschools.

2 – 2.5 year programme

Special Education Programme

4-year programme