Filmmaking students in Buerta Bonita, Madrid

Our stay in Madrid with Erasmus+ was really fun and we learned a lot along the way. We stayed in a nice apartment that was closed to everything, the school, train and food. The school was amazing, really big and filled with a lot of interesting classes and equipment we wished we had at home.

We stayed in the animation class were we learned a lot and met a lot of nice students. We learned a lot of techniques in animation and worked on both 2d and 3d animation, in softwares like Maya 3d, Blender 3d, Toon Boom Animate Pro and Photoshop. Learning about basic movement and 3d modeling for animation was fun and interesting but we wanted also to move to more film making stuff like we do at home.

For a couple of days we also got to spend time in the amazing TV studio they have and learn how they work and how to set up a real production and livestream. That was really fun for us and we got to meet new students and work with them.

The stay in Madrid was also a lot of fun, we got to explore the city and experience it, everything from Real Madrid football game in Bernabeu to seeing classical art works in the Prado Museum. We also went a little bit outside Madrid to Segovia. We spent a day there and saw the amazing Aqueduct of Segovia roman structure and Alcázar de Segovia Castle andi it was like something out of a Disney movie. Madrid was also so easy to get around and we used the Metro a lot and got everywhere we wanted.

We wouldn’t want to change a bit in our trip and the school, Puerta Bonita, was really nice to us and allowed us to see and do so many things.

We highly recommend using this opportunity that Erasmus offers.