Visit to SCV Juan Comenius, Valencia, Spain

28.05. – 01.06. 2018

The group visited school in Valencia, Spain called SCV Juan Comenius who serves students from 3 to 20 years old. It is cooperative school founded in 1982  with 101 teachers who are owners, but in total are 140 workers at the schoold. In the school are around 1500 students and in every class are 21 students plus 2 with special needs, but the total can vary. It was nice to see how the school routine worked well. Everyone knew their role very well and worked well together. In stead of schoolbell they played short melody. It looked like it worked well and was not as annoying as a normal bell.

We were surprised to see how well the inclusion worked there. Students with special needs are included in their classes from the age of 3 until they graduate.  Before we went to Valencia we were not aware of this participation of students with special needs in the classes. Students wiith special needs do only leave the class when attending physio-, speechtherapy and other special therapies but are still inside the school.

Vocational training is a big part of the students plan, and around the age of 13 students choose what they want to focus on but they can change their mind. The school is in a good corporation with many companies. Students have the opportunity to do their practiacal training in a „real world“. The companies are both in Spain and abroad so the students also get to train their skills in foreign languages. Their main courses in vocational training are; telecommunicastion installation, administrative management and video disc jockey and sound.

The facilities in school are very good. It is very well equipted for teaching and we could see that it was a first priority rather than the school surounding but were still nice and relaxed.

We were located downtown Valencia and very close to many historical and interesting places. Our hosts had organized lots of sightseeing tours such as; San Nicolás, CASCA (city of arts and science) old town, etc. which we enjoyed a lot.